Boynton Beach Restoration Company - Flood Damage Restoration


Boynton Beach Restoration Company Boynton Beach, FL 561-303-0292Water is a necessity, but when challenged, it can also be your worst enemy. Flooding is a real risk that we often overlook until we are caught in a storm or overflowing rivers. These events may seem uncommon. However, they are not! We wouldn’t have a business running for 20 years if they were! Flooding can be fiercely destructive, damaging everything that comes in its unfortunate path. You not only have to worry about the uncontrollable forces of nature, the risk of flooding issues erupting from a burst pipe is just as real. If such an event were to happen, your best bet is to spring to action immediately and call a flood damage specialist from Boynton Beach Restoration Company. We are available 24/7 at 561-303-0292, so you are never truly away from actual help in Boynton Beach, FL area.


Category One:

This type of flooding happens due to broken pipeline and comprises of clear water. Flooding may also happen due to an overflowing bathtub or a sink. Since the water in this case does not contain impurities, it does not pose any health risk to the inhabitants, just an awful lot of inconvenience. Standing water when left unattended for more than 48 hours can impact all the metal fixtures and also the structural integrity of the building.  

  • How we handle it?

    We begin work with objects that are submerged in water and fix the flooding source first. If a burst pipe is responsible for this destruction, we will fix it immediately. After stopping the flooding, we use forceful equipment to suck the water out and and then start the drying process.

Category Two:

Also known as grey water, this type of flooding has biological, chemical and hazardous implications. It originates from your toilets, dishwashers or any other source of unclean water. It is also an ideal environment for mold growth.

  • How we handle it?

    We, at Boynton Beach Restoration Company, will first address the source of flooding and follow all the mitigation steps from category One. Once the moisture has been carefully removed, we perform cleanup, disinfection and mold removal process.

Category Three:

This type of flooding is also known as black water and is the most dangerous type of flooding. When floods that occur due to natural disasters, they bring water from overflowing drains and sewage into your homes. This is highly contaminated water fraught with bacteria and other hazardous chemicals. It not only jeopardizes your property, but also the health of those living in the house, if the water is not removed effectively.

  • How we handle it?

    We follow category One steps to handle this type of flooding. However, before we begin mitigation steps, we evacuate the house of its inhabitants. High level of contamination makes the place dangerous and use of specialized chemicals is required to perform disinfection. It is important to ensure that all the traces of bacteria and mold has been completely removed. We also perform deodorization and restoration services to finish the job.

From ‘chaos’ to ‘order’

When you make a distress call to us at 561-303-0292, Boynton Beach Restoration Company gets to work immediately and assures you assistance within 30-minutes, no matter where you are in Boynton Beach, FL. We believe in providing immediate intervention to mitigate your losses and perform remediation services successfully. Once you make that call, it becomes our responsibility to restore order in your chaotic post-flood life.