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Boynton Beach Restoration Company Boynton Beach, FL 561-303-0292Mold is a secret enemy that festers in your home without your knowledge, at least not until it starts to make your home unlivable! Sometimes when we think all moisture has dried up after a water damage incident, it has actually found a nesting place deep into the cracks and crevices that an unexperienced service provider may ignore. This harmful fungus has a way of multiplying, if it remains unnoticed. While not many consider it a threat, it is actually more harmful than you think!

Boynton Beach Restoration Company is a reputed mold remediation service with years of experience in handling the damage done by this pesky fungus. If you notice that your sinuses are flaring up inexplicably when you are home or you’re down with respiratory issues, then call us right away at 561-303-0292. Our mold removal specialists will visit your place in Boynton Beach, FL area within 30-minutes and perform complete analysis of the site.


  • What is mold?

    Mold is of multicellular nature made of fungal filaments that are found rampantly in our environment. The perfect setting for its growth consists of organic food such as fabric, wood and poor airflow. It works secretly as it multiplies at an alarming rate in the perfect environment.

  • How fast can mold grow?

    It takes 48-72 hours for mold to proliferate to dangerously high levels, if it is given the ideal environment. This is the reason your property should be thoroughly dried up after a water damage event.

  • Is mold harmful?

    The symptoms of mold may vary from person to person. Some face skin irritation, while others suffering from respiratory problems may see it aggravate. Not only does it affect your health, but also impacts your property by feeding on wood, clothes and other items.


There is nothing more dangerous than trying to deal with mold removal yourself. If you think you are saving money, you are in for a rude shock. Mold remediation requires special tools and equipment. A simple chemical bleach alone will not make the cut. Even though you may think that mold has perished, it is actually still multiplying beneath a hidden surface. Drying the property is not the only step in mold removal, it also involves sanitization and other steps to ensure its complete obliteration. Trying any DIY methods such as painting the surface or using household cleaners will never match up to the job done by professionals like Boynton Beach Restoration Company.


  • Boynton Beach Restoration Company Boynton Beach, FL 561-303-0292Our 24/7 remediation service in Boynton Beach, FL is one of a kind
  • We provide end-to-end services
  • All our tools and equipment are of specialized nature
  • We treat visible and hidden mold using sophisticated equipment
  • Fix the source of problem such as water leak or residual moisture
  • Materials damaged by mold are discarded using highest safety standards
  • Indoor air quality checked after successful removal of mold
  • Air contamination levels checked to verify if mold is eliminated
  • Mold proof measures installed to prevent recurrence

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